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Precision Fabrication and Wiring

Single Stage Nitrous Relay Board With Purge Relay

Single Stage Nitrous Relay Board With Purge Relay

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Wiring your nitrous kit has NEVER been so easy or fast!! Simply connect your battery positive and negative to the board, connect your 12volt power from your throttle switch or manual nitrous button, connect your transbrake or clutch 12volt signal for nitrous safety so that your nitrous will not come on it your on your transbrake or have your clutch engaged, connect your 12volt purge signal from your purge button, then connect your nitrous and purge solenoids to the board and you're done!!!


*** please note : there are 2 options for this relay board, 12volt and neg trigger. When ordering if you only see one option available then that is the only product in stock***

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