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Precision Fabrication and Wiring

Pro Street Wiring Board

Pro Street Wiring Board

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New and Improved Pro Street board.

Perfect for street rods are basic street/strip cars!!

It consists of:

Inputs: ground, ignition sw, hazzard lights, high beam, low beam, brake light, park lights,right blinker and left blinker. Also has 2 auxilary 20amp capable extra relays to be used for whatever you need.
And a main 12volt power input.

Outputs: 5x fused batt+, 5x fused 12volt ignition, high beam, low beam, brake, park lights, front right blinker,front left blinker, rear righ blinker and rear left blinker and 2 20amp auxilary relay outputs. All outputs are fused. Blinker output will run any kind of lights (led or bulbs) up to 6amps each. Batt+ and 12volt Ignition outputs can be used for most accessories like, radios, ignition systems, cig lighter, ect......

The blinking circuit is built into the board so no need in any blinker modules.
And this unit is very small and compact!!!!!!!!

All the outputs go through internal relays and fuses so theres no need for any external relays. Everything connects directly to this board. Low beam and high beam have 20amp built in relays. Park,brake, right blinker and left blinker all have 6amp built in relays. Ign+ outputs all go through a 70 amp relay. And the blinker outputs will drive any type of blinker lights as long as they are 6 amp and under total current. The blinker outputs do not require a load to blink like most factory cars. So led blinkers can be used with no other modifications.


J-case fuse not included.

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