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Pre-Assembled Weather-Pack Connector 1 Pin

Pre-Assembled Weather-Pack Connector 1 Pin

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Aptiv Weather Pack connectors, formerly known as Delphi Weather Pack, are a popular automotive connector series commonly used in automotive applications. A favorite choice for racers and car builders due to their sealed and durable reliability. Ideal for engine compartments, chassis, harsh environments where dust, dirt, humidity, salt-spray and off-road use are major concerns. A great choice for heavy equipment and marine applications.    

Our WP series is rated for applications 20 amps and less. This connector system is available in 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 circuit configurations with integral locking latches and hermetic, silicone seals at both connector ends.

The female connector (tower connector) and the male connector (shroud connector) lock together with dual-lock tangs to secure terminals firmly into the connector housing, and ensure strong electrical conductivity. Weather Pack seals are made of a self-lubricating silicone and are multi-ribbed to prevent moisture and other contaminants from entering the connector and causing terminal corrosion. The seals are positioned on the wires and then crimped in place with the terminal.

Wired for DC only applications up to 50 volts with TXL, (extra thin wall) 14AWG, cross linked automotive grade wire offering all the protection of high-grade automotive wire but at a fraction of the weight. Insulation has smooth surface finish, resistant to gasoline, oil, grease, coolant, most acids and solvents. Wire is multicolored for easy installation. 12 inches on each connector.

Kit includes our heat shrinkable, water proof 16-14 awg butt-splice connectors. One splice for each wire so you can easily connect this system within your circuit.

Connector Specification:

  • Aptiv (formerly Delphi)
  • Connector Series = Weather Pack  
  • Circuit Count = 1 
  • Color = Black
  • Material = Thermoplastic
  • Sealed = Yes, Silicone Seals

Wire Specifications:

  • 14 AWG
  • 50 VDC, 125 degrees C
  • Stranded, Bare Copper
  • SAE Type = SAE-J1128 TXL
  • Standard Wall TXL Automotive Cross-Link
  • Wire Length = 12" both ends
  • Free ends are stripped 0.6" with slugs left on to protect wire strands


  • Copper Alloy, Nickel Plated 
  • Male contacts in Receptacle
  • Female contacts in Female (Tower half)
  • Male contacts in Male (Shroud half)


  • 50 VDC, 20 Amp MAX *
  • Max Temp 125 Deg C


  • Includes = 2
  • Heat shrink and waterproof
  • 16-14 AWG, Blue

* Total MAX current will be dependent on the total wire length and gauge of wire used in the entire circuit. As wire length and wire gauge decrease, current capacity will decrease.  Total wire length is the distance that the wire will travel from the source to the load (through the connector kit) plus the length of the return lines.  

Wire color configuration by pin number location: (Same for both connector ends)

  1. White
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