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Precision Fabrication and Wiring

8 or 11 Switch Wiring Complete Kits

8 or 11 Switch Wiring Complete Kits

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***street strip orders are 3-4weeks out.and switch panels will be 4-8 weeks from completion of the order form.  all dates can change. we are working hard to get products in faster but as of now this is our back log*** we are still taking back orders  and all products go out in order they are placed


Complete wiring kit, 11 or 8 switch panel. Leash Electronics street/strip board, and a precision fab and wire universal wiring harnes designed specifally for the street/strip board. everything needed to wire a car except main battery and ground wires.

**New upgrade**also all switch panels will come with 2 dome leds

Attention! The transbrake circuit is not a solid state output anymore. It's a normal 35 amp relay output now like it used to be. This is due to chip manufactures not making the parts anymore. 

New Updates feature higher current capability and hazard lights input.

Street/Strip wiring board
features: 8x 70 amp relays with heavy duty fuse sockets (one with built in optional transbrake safety for use with nitrous system), fused transbrake relay. Fused lighting outputs including high beam headlights, low beam headlights, turn signal blinkers, brake light, park light, 3 fuse batt+ outputs, 5 fused ignition voltage outputs. Board measures 9.375" x 4.5", billet aluminium base. This is like my 8 relay board, prostreet board and single stage nitrous board all in one compact unit.

You can optionally select if you need any of the 8 relays to be turned on by a ground signal if needed. Any negative triggered relays will not work unless the ignition relay is on unless you specify that u need anything different. Use option box below.But specify if you need the #1 relay or #8 relay ground triggered. The #1 relay is setup as the ignition relay which also turns on the extra fused ignition power outputs. And the #8 relay is the optional nitrous relay which means it will not come on if the tranbrake if activated. The #8 relay can be used as a normal relay. You just cut a jumper to disable the transbrake interrupt feature. Also note that any negative triggered relays arm with the ignition input. This means they will only work it the ignition relay is on and a ground signal is applied to there inputs.


Precision Fabrication and Wiring is proud to introduce our own wiring harness kit for the Leash Electronics street/strip board. This kit will include all the necessary wiring to make the installation of this board complete . 20 ft front end harness(headlights hi/low, parking lts, turn signs) . 20 ft tail light harness( brakes are intergrated into the turn signals, turn signals, parking lights). 10ft wire to switch panel, this includes switch panel 12v and grd. 10ft 12v and ign accessories wires. 10ft inputs for lights. 15ft 10ga wire for all relays. All wires will have hot stamp permanent label identification every 12inchs and each wire harness will be manufactured to a international  wiring code

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