Drag and drive Shop Car

Drag and drive Shop Car

After 3 long years We finally finished our drag and drive shop car.  The car is a 1972 Nova Ls Swapped. stock suspension consisting of cal trac split mono leaf springs and cal trac bars. afco rear double adjustable shocks. ford 9 inch rear with 3.50 gears, 35 spline axles and spool. the front suspension is smith race craft upper and lower control arms, rack and pinion is also smith race craft. Santuff front shocks with landrum front springs. Willwood brakes on all 4 corners . Wheels are  mickey thompson front and rear. Rear tires are 275 or 28/10.5 radial depending on the track

The engine is a basic 5.3 lc9 block with K1 rods, wiesco pistons and stock crank. heads are 706 with mild port work and larger valves. We utilize Btr shaft rocker kit along with thier rocker arm bodies. Also a btr stage 4 turbo camshaft. rear wheel hp is estimated 1200hp @25psi on e85 fuel with meth injection. this combo is designed to run on either e85 and meth injection or all m1 fuel.this makes it versital for drag and drive events, or just local cruising

Electronics include Leash Electronics Street Strip Relay Board along with our in house harness and Race Wire Solutions switch panel. Holley dominator efi is used to control all 16 injectors plus 17th injector for meth injection. The Efi also does all the data logging which consists of oil, fuel,afr,coolant temp. coolant psi,pre air mat, post air mat,front shock, rear shock, driveshaft. 5 axis gyro x.y.yall.pitch and roll., amperage draw and alternator amperage output. We also use the Holley 12 inch dash for all the guages

Inside we have  M&M shifter, Motion race works air parachute. Mpi steering wheel. Along with Race Tech containment seats and harnesses

Overall the cars design is to be driven along with raced. we expect to be able to run 4.70s-4.90s in the 1/8th mile and 7.70s or faster in the 1/4 mile. but to also be 100% street legal. this car has all working stock lights, turn signals. full exhuast to the rear and even a trailer hitch.

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