Harness wiring kit for Leash Electronics Stree/Strip relay board
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*** we are currently out of stock for the wiring harnesses. Due to using a nee manufacture we will have new stock available in 4-8 weeks.please call for availability. Until then no sales or pre sales on harnesses until we have a definate production date 12/28/18***


Precision Fabrication and Wiring is proud to introduce our own wiring harness kit for the Leash Electronics street/strip board. This kit will include all the necessary wiring to make the ins**tallation of this board complete . 20 ft front end harness(headlights hi/low, parking lts, turn signs) . 20 ft tail light harness( brakes are intergrated into the turn signals, turn signals, parking lights). 10ft wire to switch panel, this includes switch panel 12v and grd. 10ft 12v and ign accessories wires. 10ft inputs for lights. 15ft 10ga wire for all relays. All wires will have permanent label identification every 12inchs and each wire harness will be manufactured to a international wire harness standard.*** this is for harness only. Leash electronics street/strip board is additional ***


As of right now this order is on order.will take 4-6 weeks to restock. Please call for more info or ordering. .11/30/18

  • Item #: lss-8
  • Manufacturer: precision fab
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: harnessleash

Harness wiring kit for Leash Electronics Stree/Strip relay board

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